Over the past 32 years, UK born & bred based Rich Beggar (Prem Sharma) AKA [FKA Spice C/Spice-©/FinchBridge / Just Prem / Jus Prem] has securely established himself as an exceptionally seasoned and multifacetedly accomplished 80s Golden Era/90s Boom Bap Hip-Hop Emcee, Rapper, Lyricist, Writer, Ghost Writer, Songwriter, Ex-Session Singer & Live Performer. Plus also a distinguished Radio Presenter & Movie Actor. 

He has made a manifold of multifarious recordings for his own Projects, Collabo’s and Featured Guest Artist Appearances on Singles, Remixes, EP’s, Studio Albums, Compilation Albums & Motion Picture Movie Soundtracks alike in various music genre categories i.e., Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, R&B, Drum n Bass, Bhangra/Desi etc. 

He has written, co-written, ghost written, vocal arranged, co-produced, collaborated, performed and made featured guest appearances alongside a myriad of notable alumni such as; Nelly Furtado, Preston Glass, Sounds of Blackness, Darlene Love, Peggi Blu, Swing Out Sister, Trinity Stone, Mega Man, Greg Craig & Giles Craig, Leee John, Noel McKoy, Junior Giscombe, Paul Johnson, Michael Snaith , Chris Ballin, Najee, Kenny Thomas, Sandra St. Victor, Tashan, Sasha, Bashiyra, James Day, Carmichael, Cleveland P. Jones, JKD, Imran Ansari, Sparkii Ski, MC Bello.B, MCM, DJ/Radio/TV Presenter - Nihal Arthanayake, TY, Lyric ‘L’, Overdose, Barbosa Wref, Disorda, Mark B, Mud Family, 57 Dynasty, DDubble Impactt, Laconic Sydz, Dubbledge, Blufoot, Nomadic P, Travis Blaque, DJ 279, Tim Westwood, DJ Daredevil, Arjun, Dev Paradox AKA Alaska, Diniece McQueen, Malcom ‘Tony B’ Bloom/F.O.OL Records, Jim Ryan, Mick Lee (Audiofreaks), Justin O’Neal (Slipstreem) & Dan Bewick (Lisa Stansfield/Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) and many more! 

Rich Beggar has garnered and received plaudits, acclaim, laudatory reviews and chart-topping success in UK, Europe, Central/Northern/Southern America, Africa, Asia & Middle East music territories, respectively. He is also no stranger to the World of Radio, appearing numerous times as a Guest Artist Interviewee & Talk Panellist for various UK Radio Stations such as Radio 1, BBC Asian Network, Club Asia, Choice FM & UK Obsession FM. He was an Award-Winning Radio Presenter himself for ACR FM on UK’s bygone NTL TV Channel 8 (The Watershed Show, Nite Beats & Presenter of The Year 1999) and served up until 2017 for Soulstice Radio 24, Deja Vu FM & Cheeky Radio (TSSF Show AKA The Story SOUL Far Show) respectively. 

He has also been a Freelance Voice Over Actor for Animated Films & Freelance Movie Actor. Most notably cited and credited (by his real name) in IMDB as Prem Sharma ‘Heavy’ (1 of 3 archenemy characters) in the 2009 BIFA & BAFTA Award Nominated Feature Film ‘Shifty’ © 2009 Between The Eyes, Film London, BBC Films & Metrodome Distribution] and featured on the film’s ‘Shifty Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ Album [© 2009 Silva Screen Records] alongside other guest artists such as Plan B (Rapper, Singer, Actor & Film Director), Sway (Rapper) & Riz MC AKA Riz Ahmed (Shifty Film’s Starring Lead Role Actor, 2021 Academy Award Oscar Nominee, Double Golden Globe Nominee & 2016 Primetime Emmy Award Winner Actor) & DJ Trax (Drum n Bass Pioneer). 

Prem Sharma AKA Rich Beggar was also Nominated for ‘Best Actor’ Award at the 7th Annual 2005 BFM International Film Festival Board at London West End’s Prince Charles Cinema Award Ceremony ~ Hosted by Critically Acclaimed Actress Cathy Tyson (Mona Lisa 1986) for his Debut Acting Role in the Multi-Award-Winning Short Film Comedy Drama ‘mORALLY Speaking’ made by Multi-Award-Winning British Short Film Director, Screenwriter & Playwright Lawrence Coke. 

Rich Beggar is now transitioning and debuting as a Solo Soul/R&B Artist. He is currently in the process of Pre-Production, Writing & Recording for his forthcoming Debut Soul EP ~ Spearheaded & Produced by his new Executive Producer, Music MD & Mentor… The illustrious & Multi-Award-Winning Musician, Composer, Producer, Remixer, Radio Presenter & Brit-Funk icon: Georgie B (‘The Groove Association’ & 80s Jazz Funk Band ‘Second Image’). 

Rich Beggar’s kicking it all off with a soulful debut single entitled: ‘Who Can Be Sure’ (Georgie B Mix). This will available to download globally from Monday 7th June 2021 from / Ved Records. And in due course will also be available via all the usual reputable and leading Online Stores & Streaming Platform outlets.